Kris is a stabbing weapon short pointy and sharp on both sides , has a unique shape making it easy to distinguish from other sharp weapons . The specificity of the kris is not symmetrical shape at the base of the wide , winding blade , and many of them have the prestige / garnish ( Damascene ) , which is visible fibers of a bright metallic finish on slats strands . Keris has been used for over 600 years by the Malay nations like Malaysya , southern Philippines ( Mindanao ) , Southern Thailand , Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia .
Kris function
Traditional Malay people assume that the keris is not just a weapon that serves to defend themselves but also the symbol of the sovereignty of the Malay people . Kris is also regarded as a sharp weapon believed to have magical powers so that people do riual - traditional Malay special rituals to keep the cure the dagger in the dagger like Friday night or mengasamlimaukan ritual dagger as a way to keep the metal dagger and can add to it.
In Indonesia , the kris is one of the cultures that still survive , even kris has become a recognized intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO Indonesia . Until now the dagger is used in a variety of cultural rituals in various regions in Indonesia.misalnya only in areas with a population of Javanese , keris is used as a complement to the groom's wedding dress . This happens because the dagger is considered as a symbol of heritage and a symbol of male virility . In addition, the keris is also considered to have the spiritual function , is evident in a memorial palace sura in Yogyakarta , there are rituals mengkirabkan heirloom weapons such as spears , knives large ( bendho ) , including a dagger . In this ceremony featured weapon paraded around the royal palace while focusing the mind and feelings of praise and appeal to the creator of the Worlds , to be given welfare , happiness and protection .

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