Warung Made , it's so iconic name as one culinary destination on the island of Bali . But , although had several times visited this resort island , I just had menyambanginya in October 2013 ago . Special Mix the rice be my choice among the various number of offerings on display in the menu list . He said this is the most ordered menu . A handful of rice served with a side dish truly " mixed " , all there . At least I found : Opor chicken , beef rendang , coconut yellow spice , satay wrap , warm , pickled cucumber , chili , and also serundeng and salted fish being toping over white rice . Although mixed - mixed blend of flavors displayed but still in harmony , and that needs to be noted is the mixed rice is a traditional Indonesian culinary mix and match , not just Bali . The price of a portion of this special mixed rice may be considered relatively expensive Rp . 68.000 . But for a culinary experience , the atmosphere and taste is presented , according lah .

Yes , homely atmosphere with a Balinese ambience is the main attraction for visitors at Warung Made this . No wonder many local and foreign tourists who make this eating place as a tourist destination . I enjoy the atmosphere at Warung Made the second is in the Seminyak area , after the first shop located not far from Kuta Beach reap success since its establishment in 1969. Atmosphere " cafes " has become a mainstay here while promoting comfort . Diverse menu choices also become an attraction itself . Interested in trying ?

Indonesian Culinary

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