What makes a country great? I love asking this to the people due to the range of answers I get back. When I ask my good friend what makes Britain so excellent, he discusses just how much he loves the countryside, and the rolling green vistas. When I ask my rebellious Lithuanian friend why his country great, he discusses how it's a fresh governmental system and that means you could possibly get away with many different things that'd be looked at crimes around the world. Some answers I get are pretty straight forward, my Belgian friend says she loves her country, simply for the fries that they make over there, knowning that if it wasn't for that foods she'd have emigrated sometime ago. Despite the variety of answers I receive, none have ever agreed with my answer, which is the cultural relationships that it increases with other nations over the course of its life. This is always evidenced within the Eurovision song contest, as all the Baltic nations opt for each other, and exactly how many nations opt for Russia's entry, no matter how abysmal for fear of having their resources cut-off through the behemoth. However there are a few elements of this that I find positive, and yes it can be silly never to I mean without trade relations and such medicine wouldn't be anywhere close to as established because it is today.

The singers, Ell and Nikki, known in your life as Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal, swayed the bunch making use of their soft performance and delightful lyrics which the voters clearly thought was the top. The two represented Azerbaijan coupled with everyone in Europe for the side of their seats. Gracing takes place inside a soft light, the 2 sang together on the lyrical journey that captured hearts.

    Conchita Wurst is actually the alter ego of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth. He came to be in Gmunden, central Austria and entered show business eight in years past. Neuwirth first appeared as Conchita Wurst in 2011. She competed inside talent show “Die Große Chance” and took second place. Apart from as a singer and television personality, Conchita Wurst has developed into a fashion icon.

'Euphoria' became widely known internationally after winning Europe's Eurovision Song Contest this year, as outlined by Digital Spy. Eurovision is definitely an annual event where many countries in Europe submit a song being performed by a native singer. Every participating country then votes for the peers' songs instead of a unique. This year Sweden won competition in Baku, Azerbaijan with Loreen finding a majority of the opt for her emotional performance of 'Euphoria.'

We will see if Jade comes through victorious and if so it is all down to Andrew Lloyd Webber to supply a unbelievable song. I think a pleasant ballad would suit her voice nicely. This year of years should no less than see Britain finish with some good points staying with you. Other countries took the Eurovision very seriously for a long time and rightly so, it is one of several longest singing competitions around. For a country that created the likes of Pop Idol and X Factor we sure are certainly not doing very well inside the overall country competitions.

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